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MRCS Part A – Regular Course


MRCS Part A 3-month course offers you comprehensive preparation for the exam with proper guidance from our expert mentors. Participants can expect to enhance their understanding of surgical principles, develop their clinical reasoning skills, and practice exam-style questions to maximize their chances of success in the MRCS examination. We deliver validated and up-to-date study materials to cater to the needs of aspirants and our quality study group support enables you with full access to our mentors for clarifying your doubts. Join us and. “LEARN WITH MASTERS”

  • 14+ Live and interactive sessions led by a global team of 10+ MRCS qualified mentors
  • Access to full session recordings and session presentations until the date of exam
  • Personalized feedback support from mentors
  • 24/7 webchat integration for continuous support and assistance
  • Assess progress with regular mock exams
  • Enhanced learning on-the-go through StudyMEDIC Mobile App
  • Question banks with 800+questions, 90+podcasts, 13+ videos and 25+ summaries encompassing NICE guidelines
  • Motivation and de-stress session


TAX is applicable for all the courses and products.

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