Understanding MRCS Part A: A Guide for Aspiring Surgeons

Fri 05, 2024
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 MRCS Part A: A Guide for Aspiring Surgeons

Embarking on a surgical career in the UK is a challenging yet rewarding journey. One significant milestone in this path is the MRCS (Membership of the Royal College of Surgeons)exam, particularly Part A. This article aims to demystify MRCS Part A, providing you with essential information and guidance on how to apply for this crucial step in your surgical career.

What is MRCS Part A?

The MRCS is a crucial qualification for anyone aspiring to pursue a career in surgery in the UK and in many other parts of the world. Part A of the MRCS exam is the first hurdle and serves as a gateway to advanced surgical training. MRCS Part A is a comprehensive examination that tests the core knowledge and understanding required to practice safe and effective surgery. It’s not just a test of memorization but also of the application of basic surgical principles in clinical scenarios.

Components of MRCS Part A:

Navigating the Syllabus and Question Structure of the MRCS Part A Exam
Paper 1 – Applied Basic Sciences:
Duration: 3 hours

Paper 1 focuses on applied basic sciences and comprises of 180 Single Best Answer questions, and is roughly distributed as follows:

Applied Surgical Anatomy: 75 Questions
Applied Surgical Physiology: 45 Questions
Applied Surgical Pathology: 37 Questions
Pharmacology: 8 Questions
Microbiology: 7 Questions
Imaging: 5 Questions
Data Interpretation: 3 Questions

Paper 2 – Principles of Surgery:
Duration: 2 hours

Paper 2 covers principles of surgery and surgical practice in general, covering various aspects such as surgical techniques, patient management, perioperative care, and professional behavior.

It consist of 120 Extended Matching questions, broken down into:
Common Congenital and Acquired Surgical Conditions: 45 Questions
Perioperative Management (Surgical Patient Module): 35 Questions
Assessment and Management of Patients with Trauma: 30 Questions
Paediatric Patient Module: 7 Questions
Medico-Legal Aspects of Surgical Care: 3 Questions

Exam Pacing:

With a total of 300 questions across both papers in the MRCS Part A, candidates have approximately one minute per question.

Scoring and assessment:

Each question in the MRCS Part A exam carries equal weight, and the exam does not implement negative marking. Candidates receive a combined total score across both papers. The passmark, typically around 70%, is determined using the Angoff method. This method involves a panel of experts who assess the difficulty level of each question, which then informs the final pass mark threshold. The results of the MRCS Part A are released by the colleges of surgeons approximately 4-6 weeks after the exam. Candidates receive their results via email and can also access them online using their candidate numbers.

Exam Fees:

The fee for sitting the MRCS Part A exam is consistent across all Royal Colleges of Surgeons, set at £550 for each examination attempt. For those progressing to MRCS Part B, the cost is £1000.

How to Apply for MRCS Part A:

Application Process:
Visit the chosen college’s website and create an account. Look for the MRCS Part A section and follow the instructions for the application. This will typically involve filling out an online form and submitting required documents.


Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. You should have a verifiable primary medical degree (MBBS) and preferably some experience in surgical or related rotations.

Choosing the Right College:

The MRCS exam is offered by several Royal Surgical Colleges in the UK and as it is intercollegiate, the exam are recognized across the various colleges.

Choose the one most convenient or preferable to you:
Each college might have slight variations in the application process, dates and site of examinations.

Preparing for MRCS Part A:

Starting Your Preparation:

The first step in preparing for the MRCS exam is to familiarize yourself with the MRCS exam syllabus. This gives you a clear understanding of the topics to study and the exam’s marking scheme.
Preparing for MRCS Part A requires a structured approach. Start with a clear study plan, focusing on understanding core concepts rather than rote learning. Utilize a variety of resources including textbooks, online courses, and question banks. Regular self-assessment with practice questions is crucial to gauge your progress and understanding.

Enhancing MRCS Part A Preparation with a Preparatory Course:

When preparing for a challenging exam like the MRCS Part A, enrolling in a preparatory course can significantly increase your chances of success. A well-structured course not only provides comprehensive study materials and guidance but also introduces a disciplined approach to your study routine. One such course that stands out is offered by StudyMEDIC.

Why Choose StudyMEDIC for MRCS Part A Preparation?

Comprehensive Study Materials:

StudyMEDIC provides a wide array of study materials meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the MRCS Part A syllabus. These materials are constantly updated to reflect the latest trends and changes in the exam pattern, ensuring you are studying the most relevant content.

Interactive Live Classes:

The course includes live classes conducted by experienced instructors who are well-versed in the nuances of the MRCS exam. These classes not only cover the key topics but also provide insights into effective exam strategies and tips on tackling challenging questions.

Mock Tests for Real Exam Experience:

One of the most valuable aspects of the StudyMEDIC course is the provision of mock tests. These tests simulate the real exam environment, helping you to familiarize yourself with the timing and format of the MRCS Part A. Regularly taking these mock tests can significantly improve your time management skills and exam temperament.

Personalized Feedback:

Feedback is crucial for improvement, and StudyMEDIC ensures that you receive personalized feedback on your mock test performances. This feedback helps you identify areas of strength and those needing improvement, allowing you to tailor your study plan effectively.

Flexible Learning:

Understanding the busy schedules of medical professionals, StudyMEDIC offers flexible learning options. Whether you prefer self-paced learning or structured classes, the course accommodates different learning styles and schedules.

Community and Support:

Enrolling in StudyMEDIC also means becoming part of a community of fellow MRCS candidates. This community provides a platform for discussion, doubt clarification, and mutual support, which can be incredibly motivating during the preparation journey.

Boost Your Success Chances with StudyMEDIC:

By choosing StudyMEDIC for your MRCS Part A preparation, you’re not just gaining access to premium study materials and expert guidance; you’re also investing in a support system that is committed to your success. With its comprehensive approach, StudyMEDIC enhances your understanding, sharpens your exam skills, and boosts your confidence, greatly increasing your chances of acing the MRCS Part A.

Passing MRCS-Part A is a significant achievement and a step closer to a career in surgery. It requires dedication, consistent study, and a strategic approach to preparation. Remember, the journey to becoming a surgeon is a marathon, not a sprint. Stay focused, prepare diligently, and you will be well on your way to success.

Dr. Yugal Limbu Mentor StudyMRCS

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