MRCS: Your RoadMap to Surgical Excellence

Fri 07, 2024
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MRCS: Your RoadMap to Surgical Excellence

The first and foremost step in earning a place among the surgical experts is to enrol in a PG course. But this is not the only way to the top, there are several routes to becoming a world-class surgeon, and MRCS is hailed as the best recognition for GMC registration and a job at the NHS.

What is MRCS

The MRCS exam, short for Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons. It can be taken by international medical graduates who meet the eligibility criteria with aspirations of practising as surgeons in the UK.

MRCS Exam Format

MRCS consists of two exams, namely MRCS Part A and Part B. Each tests the theoretical and practical prowess of the candidates. MRCS Part A thoroughly tests a candidate’s knowledge of surgical procedures through a general written examination.

MRCS Part B is an objectively structured clinical examination (OSCE) that tries to assess the competency of the candidate in day-to-day clinical processes by using 8 knowledge stations and 10 skill stations.

One can only take the subsequent exam after successfully completing the previous exams.

The Success Formula

There is no secret formula to success; this is especially true for MRCS examinations, but with the right amount of hard work complemented by the much-needed smark work, the MRCS exam would be a walk in the park.

Given below are a few of the general insights offered by the previous candidates who had successfully earned the prestigious membership.

 Get familiar with the exam structure

Understanding the exam structure and question patterns is essential in preparing for the exam, as it could help you get over your exam anxiety, become more aware of the questioning style, and get an idea of what the major topics are.

Attend as many Mocks as possible

Attending as many mocks as possible can build your confidence and give you a glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses. Which is a massive boon during the exam preparatory stage.

Create Personalised Study Plans

Use personalised study plans, as they are effectively great solutions that offer a great deal of nuances in accordance with your unique strengths and weaknesses.

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By : Seenath

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