MRCS Part B Feb 2024 Exam: Booking Window Closes on November 16, 2023; Check Your Eligibility

Tue 10, 2023
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MRCS Part B Feb 2024 Exam: All about Exam Dates, Eligibility Requirements, and Application Process

If you are a medical aspirant aspiring to pursue a career in surgery and have not yet confirmed your slot for the upcoming MRCS Part B exam, then it’s time for you to act. The RCS has confirmed that the booking for the MRCS Part B FEB 2024 exam will close on 16, November, 2023. Qualifying for MRCS membership will undoubtedly help you achieve the level of excellence in surgery you have dreamed of. Let’s delve into the eligibility requirements needed to apply for MRCS Part B examination.

What is MRCS?

MRCS qualification is an internationally recognized postgraduate certification that plays a pivotal role in shaping your surgical career. Upon successful qualification, you gain the opportunity to obtain membership in one of the four prestigious surgical colleges in the UK and Ireland. The MRCS exam is divided into two parts – MRCS Part A and Part B.

The MRCS Part B is an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) . The exam evaluates the applied knowledge and skills of aspirants. The exam consists of 18 stations, each lasting for 10 minutes. 9 minutes are allocated for the station’s assessment, while one minute serves as reading time for each station. Success in MRCS Part B requires a combination of clinical and communication skills.

Are You Eligible to Apply for MRCS Part B?

Candidates need to pass Part A to be eligible for the Part B examination. To be eligible for the MRCS Part B exam, you must possess a medical degree acceptable by either the UK GMC or the Medical Council in Ireland. This will allow you to be fully, provisionally, or temporarily registered. First-time applicants whose names do not appear on the registers of the GMC or Medical Council (Ireland) must submit their original certificate or an authenticated copy of a medical degree acceptable to the councils of the four colleges. Aspirants can attempt the Part B exam up to four times in total.

As per the current update on the MRCS official website, the exams are scheduled to be held in FEB 2024. The exact exam dates are yet to be confirmed , but are likely to fall between 03 to 18 FEB 2024. Aspirants should submit their applications before 5 pm on the closing date, i.e., 16 November 2023. Remember, late applications are not accepted by RCS. So, don’t wait till the last minute.

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