How to Crack the MRCS Part B Surgery Exam

Thu 06, 2024
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How to Crack the MRCS Part B Surgery Exam

The MRCS Part B Surgery exam is a tough nut to crack, but with the right amount of planning and hard work, the MRCS OSCE exam will be a walk in the park.

What is MRCS

MRCS (Membership in the Royal College of Surgeons) is a prestigious title offered by the Royal College of Surgeons. The MRCS exam is designed to test the theoretical prowess of the candidates. It is also a gateway exam for earning the licence to practise in the UK as a medical professional.

MRCS exam format

The MRCS exam consists of Parts A and B, where they are crafted to evaluate the candidates theoretical and practical proficiency, respectively.

MRCS Part A is further divided into two papers, namely Paper 1 and Paper 2, where Paper 1 tests candidates’ understanding of basic sciences while Paper 2 assesses candidates knowledge of general surgery.

MRCS Part B/MRCS OSCE is an evaluator of candidates’ clinical expertise. It is deemed through two exams, each of which is intended to test various aspects of the clinical skills.

The secret formula for success

There is no secret formula for success in the MRCS OSCE, but knowing the insights of the previous winners and experienced mentors could drastically improve the overall performance and help you take steady steps on your path to victory.

Given below are a few of the most general insights repeatedly revealed by top-ranking candidates.

Thorough understanding of the exam structure

A complete understanding of the structure of the exam and format of the scoring system could massively improve your overall study planning and performance in the exam.

Personalised study plans

Creating a personalised study plan focusing on your strengths and weaknesses can give you an edge over the competition. As one can only make progress by knowing

Assess your progress with mocks

Consistently tracking your performance can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, letting you make up for your weak spots while maintaining your strengths.

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