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Mon 09, 2023
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MRCS Exam Explained

The Membership of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (MRCS) is an intercollegiate, two-step examination. Furthermore, it is attended by surgical trainees who aspire to become members of Royal Colleges of Surgeons (RCS) in the United Kingdom. Besides, it plays a pivotal role in the career of surgeons. It takes them closer to their dream of becoming successful and accomplished surgeons.

The MRCS exam is a difficult one to crack. However, it deserves your time and hard work. Besides, it is recognized across the globe as a postgraduate diploma for surgeons. Lastly, MRCS is the idlest way to turn yourself into a surgeon.

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Why pursue Surgery?

There is a high demand for surgeons in India. India’s primary health centres have only 16% of their requirements filled. The 84% shortage amounts to nearly 5000 surgeons which demands prompt redressal.

Becoming a surgeon is no easy task. Moreover, one should be hardworking, dedicated and persevering. A mere MBBS degree is not enough to be a qualified surgeon. Besides, a PG medical course is necessary to improve your knowledge and application skills. This will help you to get specialized as a surgeon.

Highly populated areas encounter more accidents and emergencies. Furthermore, prompt medical aid is necessary for a lot of situations from traffic accidents to household mishaps. General surgeons are in high demand in such places. Lastly, the world population has exploded over the years which further increases the need for general surgeons to save the lives of people.

In India, the population is very high and general health conditions are not the greatest. Advancements are being made at a macro-scale but it is the micro-scale that matters. Besides, any kind of emergency should be looked at by trained medical professionals.

In India, surgical trainees or MBBS holders are further motivated to take up surgery as a career owing to the huge shortage existing in this country.

MRCS and Surgery

Most students are inclined to pursue a PG course after MBBS. However, it is pretty tough to get or afford a PG medical seat in India.

A PG course is widely regarded as the first step to become a surgeon. However, there are other options to become a successful surgeon. These options can pave the way for you to become a certified surgeon in India. You may select PG fellowship courses with the necessary specialization. Furthermore, these programs provide practical knowledge, real-time experience and required surgical skills. Lastly, it will help you take your medical career forward.

What sets MRCS apart?

MRCS is highly recommended and favoured by aspirants who have completed MBBS. This is largely because the Indian Medical Council recognizes MRCS.

Moreover, MRCS is the best option for an Indian MBBS holder. Validity of the PG course after MBBS is confined to India. To practise abroad, one has to clear the respective qualifying exams of the country. Lastly, MRCS is the ideal way to practise medicine in the UK, India and most of the European countries.

MRCS tests the surgical trainee for basic knowledge, skills and attributes that are required for becoming a surgeon. Moreover, it makes sure that they are good enough to become specialists. The examination is highly reputed and held in high regard all over the world. Getting through the exam is evidence of your capability to practise as a qualified surgeon. Besides, it holds a lot of opportunities in store for you in reputed hospitals. Lastly, it will help you achieve all your medical dreams.

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